MacBook Pro & Air repair.

We provide a full service, including MacBook parts and Logic Board repair. Same day service available. Click get started and fill out our form and we will be in touch ASAP.

MacBook Air repair

Batteries, Keyboards, spill damage & more.

Our technicians will take care of all of your Mac repair needs, replacement screens, logic board repair, liquid damage & more.

MacBook batteries

Macbook battery replacement.

We have in stock MacBook Pro & MacBook Air batteries. We can replace swollen batteries, non charging and weak batteries.

Battery information

Mac's have Lithium batteries with limited load cycles. Lithium batteries do not like to be charged, it is best to keep your MacBook on charge and never let it drain below 20%

* Same day service

We offer a same day battery replacement service if you bring your MacBook before 10 am. Please include your serial number on the contact form to confirm we have your battery in stock.

* Same day service is dependent on time and availability.
MacBook replacement batteries

Macbook keyboard replacement.

We stock replacement keyboards for MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air in many languages. We can replace your failing keyboard the very same day. (If we have it in stock)

* Same day service is dependent on time and availability.
Different languages

We stock Mac keyboards in many different languages.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Swedish and more
* Types of keyboard

We have in stock the older metallic Mac keyboards and also the newer USB-C Macbook models up to the current year.

MacBook keyboard replacements

Macbook Pro & Air ggrepair.

We provide a full service, including MacBook parts and Logic Board repair. Same day service available.

MacBook Pro & Air repair in Palma

Liquid spill damage.

Please DO NOT power on your device, damage could be done even after it dries. Please bring it in ASAP.

Important please read

This is what to do immediately in case of a liquid spill:

1. Don't listen to the 'Rice bag' fools that parrot anything they hear on the internet!

2. Power Down the device and remove battery if possible.

3. Do not attempt to power it on even if you think it’s dry until it is opened, inspected, and cleaned.

4. Do not submerge it in any liquid regardless if it is distilled water or alcohol.

5. Bring it to us, we have the proper tools and know how to open, inspect, and clean the device in our Ultrasonic tank. Cross your fingers, and chances are, if you resisted pressing the power button, and got it to the pro in time, you will get off with an inexpensive warning rather than the cost of a new logic board.

* Does rice work?

F**k No!! :)

* Research this is you don't believe us and think your cousin is right! :)

Logic board repair.

We have a complete re-work station and offer a microscopic repair service for your logic boards.

Repair or replace?

We offer Logic Board Repair if possible. Not all Logic Boards can be repaired, this is dependent on the damage that has occurred.

* Replacement

If a repair is not possible we have many Logic Boards in stock. We can replace your Logic Board and dependent on work load, fix the same day.

* Get in touch so we can confirm your serial number to check stock.

it's so easy to get your Mac fixed today.

Feel free to click get started and fill out our consultation form, we will get your details and check your Mac EMC number to see if we have the parts available.

MacBook side view

Contact our great team gg today.

Send us an email to get a quote. No quotes will be given without a 12 digit serial number as there are many different MacBook’s

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