iMac & mac mini repair specialists.

iMac and mac mini's shipped with mechanical Hard Drives, are notoriously slow and are prone to breakdowns. Upgrade today with a Bad Apple SSD.

iMac repair in Palma

iMac & Mac mini SSD upgrades.

Depending on your machine we can increase speeds from 50MB's to 2900MB's get your SSD upgrade today.

* SSD Upgrades

Apple shipped iMac & Mac mini with Mechanical Hard Drives (HDD) that have a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years. HDD's have speeds of 50MB's unless you have a machine with the Fusion Illusion :)Apple's Fusion Drive is a 32GB SSD fused to a 1TB+ mechanical Hard Drive with 2 failure points. If you have a Fusion Drive we can install a Bad Apple SSD with speeds up to 2900MB's and break the illusion.

Thermal Tune-up

Computers are like air filters they take in outside air for cooling purposes and the dust get's trapped inside, this clogs the ports and fans. We clean the entire cooling system and apply fresh thermal paste.

* Only certain models of iMac can be upgraded to a Bad Apple SSD.
iMac upgrades in Mallorca

iMac / Mac mini running slowly?

One of the major causes for Mac's to run slowly is corruption of the OS or failing HDD. We can format your drive or update it to an SSD with the latest macOS.

* Simple format

We will wipe your drive and install a a fresh Operating System. This is the most cost effective option if you have already backed up your own data.

* Format with data

We will take a copy of you files in your Home folder e.g Desktop. Documents, Music, Photos, Movies and Downloads. Then once the OS is reinstalled we will return your data.

*We will not accept your Apple ID under any circumstances.
iMac SSD & HDD upgrades

iMac / Mac mini RAM upgrade.

The more RAM your Mac has the better it will perform while multitasking. Some programs require more RAM than others.


With every year that goes by the applications we use tend to be more resource hungry. A lot of apps need additional RAM to function correctly, adding extra RAM will help your applications run a lot better.

RAM Upgrades

Some models of iMac & Mac mini's can have their RAM upgraded. We have in stock 8gb, 16gb, 32gb of RAM for applicable models.

* If we do not have your model in stock we can order it for you.
iMac Ram upgrades in Palma

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Send us an email to get a quote. No quotes will be given without a 12 digit serial number as there are many different MacBook’s

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