Mac accessories in stock now.

We have many accessories in stock including:  Magic Keyboards, Magic Mouse, Apple chargers, External SSD Drives and many more.

MacBook charing cables in Palma

External Solid State drives.

Backing up your data is very important, you should use both Cloud and External a Solid State Drive backups.

* Don't be caught with your pants down :)

External Backup is convenient and fast for recovery but is vulnerable to loss, corruption or failure. They are also only as good as your last backup e.g., Time Machine. Only connect your time machine when off-line in case of a RansomWare Attack! Cloud backups are Real Time and convenient but are slower to rebuild from. They are also prone to disasters such as Solar Flares and or a Nuclear Holocaust……but pictures of your cat won’t be so important after such events :)

True backup

For a true backup, we recommend both Cloud and External SSD

* We can recommend good external SSD's we have used in the past.
SSD Harddrive in stock

Apple chargers.

We have Apple Mac chargers in stock. Not the cheap Chinese knock-off's from Amazon or Ebay.

Fake chargers

Apple's chargers are engineered with surge filters that in may cases prevent an electrical surge passing through the charger into your computer destroying your Mac's Logic Board. Fake chargers can eventually damage your Mac even by just plugging them in.

* How to know if your charger is fake

Many counterfeit chargers look exactly the same as the originals, the difference is the weight, come in for a free consultation and we will take a look at your charger.

* The weight is a dead giveaway when compared to a real one.
MacBook chargers in Palma

Mac External keyboards.

We have original Apple USB Wired Keyboards with Numeric Keypad & Apple Magic Keyboards.

* Languages

We stock UK English and German Apple USB Wired Keyboards with Numeric Keypad & Apple Magic Keyboards.

Keyboard info

The Apple USB Wired Keyboards with Numeric Keypad use a USB connection and the Apple Magic Keyboards are fully wireless.

*We only stock UK English & German external keyboards.
iMac external keyboards

Contact our great team gg today.

Send us an email to get a quote. No quotes will be given without a 12 digit serial number as there are many different MacBook’s

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